Hamilton House, 1962  


Photo of the Model

The client is a theatrical set designer and contractor. The program called for living accommodations for his family which includes four children and his wife whose avocation is cooking. In this regard, the house would have to function on occasions as an inn for formal gourmet catering. Consequently, a house within a house was necessary for the family to retire to during such occasions. Separate facilities for family and guests would be required at these times.
Site Plan and Elevation

The one acre site is located 1.5 miles to the south of the village of New Hope and lies in a glen.

Design Solution:
Upon the site are the remains of an old stone mill, of which only the stone walls remain. The mill is to form the basis of the house. The experience of being within the enclosing five story stone walls of the original mill structure is unique. Consequently, it was inevitable that this existing place should form the core of the house, and the house itself lean against and give form to the intangible qualities contained within the existing four walls of the mill. Furthermore, it was felt that the focus of the house should be either within itself or outward to the site. The re-formed court is of such magnitude so as to overpower the normal day to day life.

Two means are provided for guest entrance: one through an archway--the original mill sluice--to an entry and loggia under the living accommodations; the other is through the original tower, across the court, and, by means of terraces, to the house.

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