Novosibirsk 展覽館  



此展覽館是我2007年參加俄羅斯共和國「Golden Capital」競圖的成果,整合幾年使用模矩系統的經驗,從結構、展覽媒體入手,送件除兩張電子版面外,還包含一紙A4英文說明(如下)。

CAVE 系統運用分散處理 / 同步技術、3D 立體顯像技術 … 等技術整合,透過六部投影機將 3D / VR 內容投映在三片硬質背投銀幕中,只需戴上 偏光眼鏡 即可體驗身歷其境的擬真感受。

The decagon plan of the pavilion is split and shifted to take the form of a Savonius rotor, windmills with vertical axis, to catch summer breeze when appropriately oriented on the site.  Since a decagon is made of ten golden triangles with golden ratio built in, modular dimensions of 2, 3, 5, 8 may be incorporated.

For linear arrangement of exhibitions the gallery has two kinds of width, 3 metres or 5 metres, where models can be display with ease.  After swiftly relocating some modular panels a venue to seat over one hundred participants for lectures or panel discussions can be accommodated.

Two adjoining squares near the entry form two sides of a slanted cube that can be used as a theater for immersive CAVE-like projection room.  Whether or not the full-blown interactive "CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment" is to be implemented is subject to further discussion.

The "walls" of the pavilion take zonohedral shapes with two vectors pointing upward in addition to the five vectors forming the perimeter decagon on the plan.  There are only three wall shapes, two kinds of rhombi and a square, which can be reinforced by adding diagonals to form triangulated networks.

Split decagonal halves are joined at the girdle and regular polyhedral roof takes over from this height on.  The overall tent form suggests the nomadic nature of the early settlers of this land.  However with the new geometry introduced the seemingly old form takes on new looks and meanings.

When one walks around it the facets of the pavilion are constantly changing along with its outline against the wood in the background.  Two spiral footpaths are to be carefully laid out in the wood to enhance the approaching and leaving experience.


Board 1 / Left

外型結構框架以 Zonohedron 為基礎,菱形的面很容易加上斜撐分成穩定的三角形,正方形裡邊則構成Cave投影系統的硬幕立方體。
Board 2 / Right

Floor Plan with Golden Ratios

劈開的十邊形,促成雙孔風車般的自然通風效果。這個等腰三角形內建黃金比例 (邊長 5 x 1.618...),動線寬度自然形成費氏數列(2,3,5,8)。
Cave System with Stereo Binoculars

Cave是實用的立體視覺重現工具,也是頗受歡迎的遊樂園 attraction。互動性的體驗流程引導著觀眾的思路,藉此可將城市未來的議題在此逐一探究。
Cross-board Presentation

一貫的版面,為 presentation增加統一調性。